One of the Power Rangers in the new film is LGBTI

Posted March 20, 2017

In a "pivotal" scene in the movie, Trini will be struggling with what a fellow Ranger assumes are "boyfriend problems".

'She hasn't fully figured it out yet.

LGBT representation in superhero films has trailed that of comic books, where heroes and villains such as DC's Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batwoman and Harley Quinn, as well as Marvel's Ice Man, are among high-profile examples of LGBT characters.

The upcoming Power Rangers movie will break ground in entertainment by being the first big-budget superhero movie with a queer hero. However, it goes on to imply that she's having "girlfriend" problems. Trini confesses her sexuality in an Act 2 campfire scene where the teens rest from their heroic training and opening up about their feelings. "I think so many people in the LGBTQI community are going to be excited to see that representation". As Forbes pointed out, the film "doesn't well on any of this", but does shine light on the fact that the film's titular heroes truly are a diverse group of ordinary high school kids.

The Power Rangers are about to hit the big screen and director Dean Israelite reveals one of the brightly colored defenders will be grappling with their sexual orientation. Several Rangers are played by actors of color, and Blue Ranger Billy (RJ Cyler) is on the autism spectrum.

In the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show, the Yellow Ranger was played by the late Thuy Trang and was portrayed as straight.

In the new live-action Power Rangers movie, one of the Rangers is gay or bisexual.

He continues: "She has not yet found her true identity and there is a really good scene in the film or it is evoked and it is said that it is normal".