Modi's new political power may not extend to Pakistan outreach

Posted March 20, 2017

The BJP has formed the government in Goa and is all set to form the government in three more states - Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Manipur - in the next few days.

After its success in the just-concluded assembly polls of five states, the saffron outfit is gearing up for elections in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka (likely to be held between 2017-end and 2018).

"Right now, there are the BJP state governments in 58 per cent of the country's area".

"I will never take up a job to advise Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi".

The new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, whose name is yet to be announced, would be sworn in along with cabinet ministers in Lucknow on March 19. "No one listens to Kejriwal in the country", he said.

"Similarly if any state waives off small and marginal farmers' loans, we should welcome it", he said. "In this country, only politics of performance will work".

Asked if his party learnt lessons from debacle in the 2015 Bihar polls and made course correction in Uttar Pradesh, Shah said that he believes in looking forward and not in the past.

In the wake of the Bharatiya Janata Party's crushing victory in the Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly elections earlier this month, a Delhi-based think tank has a suggestion: explore the possibility, under the constitution of India, of allowing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to become the chief minister of India's largest state.

"People like Mayawati and Arvind Kejriwal should know the EVMs can't be tampered with. The states have taken ownership of this", he said. PM Modi and Amit Shah, sources said, want someone who will be acceptable to all the different social groups and communities that have voted for the BJP, so that the party can retain their loyalty. "They have given their mandate for development-based politics", Shah said. "It has ended. Our alliance has been there for a long time and will continue".

Asserting that Make in India has emerged as the biggest initiative of India, the PM said his government's focus is on competitive federalism.