Instagram now lets you save your live videos on your phone

Posted March 20, 2017

If it was good enough to share with the world, it's probably good enough to save, right? But while these two social media platforms have long allowed users to save their content when they're done, this will be the first time Instagram introduces such a feature.

Instagram Live Videos can now be saved after the broadcast is over which gives users the opportunity to relive the moments of their broadcast.

Instagram Stories received live video support in January, but it provided an ephemeral experience, disappearing after 24 hours.

An Instagram spokesperson tells Teen Vogue that starting today you can save your Live videos just by tapping Save in the upper right corner once your broadcast is over. But you'll have the option of holding onto your video and playing it back (for posterity) later.

Instagram has promised to continue improving Live Videos throughout the year, so stay tuned for additional tweaks and features.

With this update, users will be able to repost videos that were once live to their profile, so those who didn't get to see it live have a chance to look at them after the broadcast has ended. Likes and comments won't be saved along with it, though, and it won't show up on your Instagram page.

The new feature is available with Instagram 10.2 to both Android and iOS users. Tap Done and the live video will be saved to the phone's camera roll even though it will no longer be available in the app.