Google Home is playing audio ads for Beauty and the Beast

Posted March 20, 2017

In Malaysia, where censors sought to cut the gay scene, Disney chose to pull the film altogether. As an action star, he defies the stereotype that gay men aren't tough, and I think it would be great for younger members of the LGBTQ community to see a high-profile movie star who's open about their personal life. Luke in that incredible wig, that red costume, it just did feel - I have to say, he is kind of the closest to the animated figure coming to life.

The six-time Tony victor is looking past all that; the role is a big one for her. But all this makes her more endearing to audience members such as me.

"She still tries to find a way to be as expressive as she possibly can but she's having to do it in a much more laboured way", she said. Most of the responses I have received have been nothing short of vile and extremely crude.

Judging by the early word of mouth surrounding "Beauty and the Beast", Disney was able to produce another successful retelling of a beloved animated classic - creating a film that updates the story for today's social context while capturing the movie magic for which the studio is known.

"I think being an only child has hindered that slightly", he continued, "because I've always wanted to be around other people". "That's a rush for us and we really feel like that's an important part of our approach". Poor planning, but I'm sympathetic to that, and to the movie itself, which isn't bad, merely a little boring for kowtowing to what adult nostalgics want.

I, like most kids, loved the whimsy of the movies, the characters and the music. "I will do this for free".

The film was originally scheduled for release on Thursday, but was held back after the board ordered the scene to be cut. The Beast is still a Rich Bitch, Gaston is still an egomaniac, and the ostensibly gay Le Fou - who may as well have been gay in the first place; otherwise, what's his purpose? - is still an idiot, per his name. One day, while traveling home from a trip, Maurice, Belle's father, takes a wrong turn and is imprisoned by the Beast for stealing a rose for his daughter.

The original animated Beauty and the Beast (1991) had three direct-to-video instalments.

Joking about the 10-minute skit, which aired on Wednesday night's show, Gad said, "To be invited by James to perform at the crosswalk outside of CBS, that's what we call a dream come true".

One thing the film retains from the original? Some may be skeptical about watching a talking clock and candelabra, but just having won the Visual Effects Oscar for "The Jungle Book", the movie brings the best animation Disney could buy.

"To take the time to know the person on the inside and to realise that different does not mean bad", she said.