Doc Rivers: 'Not Cool' for Cavs to Rest Stars

Posted March 20, 2017

This is what happens when a defending champion plays a young team that's still in search of an identity. However, the collective performance seemed to be an endorsement of the team's decision. You guessed it - as Kyrie Irving was absolutely unconscious on his way to 46 points. James scored 32, dished out seven assists and grabbed six boards. The man went 15-of-21 from the floor. "Fourth Quarter" mode late in L.A. - hitting all three shots he attempted, including both treys, and sinking all six free throws to finish with 14 points in the period.

The Cavs will have their three best players tonight, so that'll help.

But Cleveland Cavaliers coach Ty Lue's decision, unlike Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr's last week, was prompted by injuries. But the overall landscape affords coach Luke Walton leeway to tinker with lineups without risking the nightly outcome.

There have been many questionable moves made in the past few weeks of play.

Limiting Cleveland's easy fast-break scoring opportunities kept the game close and gave the Lakers a chance to come away with what would have been an impressive home victory. He'd be a hard prospect to pass up. "It's tough to get there when you don't have time to work on it".

"It has to start from scratch every game, and I feel like with me, that's how I've been approaching games, with the same mentality, and it hasn't really worked out for me". As LeBron told reporters in LA of Magic's hiring: "I have nothing to do with the Lakers, so I have no reaction".

As the league continues to search for new ways to prevent National Basketball Association fans from paying top dollar for a ticket only to have their favorite superstars sitting out for rest, Clippers head coach Doc Rivers believes he has a solution. Meanwhile, Love picked up a double-double with 21 points and 15 rebounds. You can watch him in this video.

"This game stinks", said ABC analyst Jeff Van Gundy during Saturday's 108-78 Clippers win. No one will remember the loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in June. There are no definite answers here.

"Wow", Nwaba attempted to grasp the reality that Monday's practice did not guarantee a game on Tuesday. Everyone is expected to go Wednesday. Cavaliers forward Kevin Love was out of Saturday's game likely because he just returned from knee surgery on Thursday.

"Here's another way to stop a team from 'resting"'a player with a phantom injury. I think maybe we have to suck that up and do it and play more back-to-backs [at other times] if that's what it takes.