Congressman Arrington praises Trump's proposed budget

Posted March 20, 2017

According to Mulvaney, the budget will include a request for $1.5 billion as the first installment payment for Trump's promised wall and then another installment of $2.26 billion in 2018.

The USDA cuts could also mean the loss of staff that helps property owners keep homes in rural regions rentable, she said.

Waara added that he hoped the cuts were just a negotiation tactic. "So people have significant mortgages", said Schumer. "We have over 700,000 children living in public housing".

The piece, written by Alexandra Petri and entitled "Trump's budget makes ideal sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why" sarcastically praises the president for cutting key agency budgets while increasing military spending.

While Congress debates health insurance reform, the Trump budget rips into other Federal health funding.

"Meals on Wheels is not a federal program".

Mulvaney declined to say whether federal employees would be furloughed or laid off under the proposal, saying that departments would have wide flexibility to implement top-line cuts. Apparently, low-income families are not considered to be part of this demographic.

More than half of the total, $7.6 billion, goes for Medicaid, which provides health care for the poor and disabled and pays nursing homes to care for the elderly.

To put in perspective the sacrifice of so many functional, low-dollar domestic programs on the altar of more war spending, consider this: An internal Pentagon study estimates that the military wastes $125 billion per year on unnecessary bureaucracy. It is perhaps no surprise that Trump wants to end EPA programs and regulations aimed at halting global warming, since he has ventured the opinion that climate change is a Chinese hoax; NASA programs to study warming would be cut as well.

"If he said it on the campaign, it's in the budget", said Mick Mulvaney, a former Republican congressman from SC who is now director of the Office of Management and Budget. We've spent $150 billion on [CDBGs] since the 1970s.

Trump, Mulvaney said, wants to "get rid of programs that don't work" and that "a lot of those are in HUD". "We're $20 trillion in debt".

A USA official told CNN earlier this month that cuts would come from the State Department's Bureau of International Organization Affairs and projects the fund programs at United Nations. "They file required reports on planting there and get help with applying for grants and doing conservation".

Office of Budget and Management Director Mick Mulvaney said Sunday that President Donald Trump's budget is cutting costs in the administration - despite the millions of dollars being spent on security for the president's trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. "And I think for the first time in a long time, you have an administration that is looking at the compassion of both sides of the equation", Mulvaney said on NBC's "Meet the Press." That's a major hike and reflects the new president's national security priority.

That's the same argument anti-poverty groups will take to Capitol Hill.

Numerous proposed cuts won't fly, even in a Republican-led Congress.