Brexit will begin on March 29th, No 10 reveals

Posted March 20, 2017

Once Article 50 is triggered, the United Kingdom will have two years to negotiate its exit deal with the European Union.

A spokesman for May confirmed that she will formally start the Brexit process on March 29 by triggering Article 50.

"I have set out my objectives". Asked what should happen next, the most popular answer was - predictably - to go back and try and get a better deal. They include putting issues like continuing working together on issues like security at the core of what we are doing. "We are ready to begin negotiations".

We don't know if Britain could change its mind, withdraw its Article 50 notification and stay after all.

The report comes as Theresa May travels to Swansea with Brexit Secretary David Davis, where she will talk about the "precious union" of the UK.

It is expected that the 27 other European Union member nations will agree to the start date, with an initial response from them with 48 hours, the BBC reported.

"After we trigger, the 27 will agree their guidelines for negotiations and the Commission's negotiating mandate", Slack said.

She will contact Tusk directly to launch negotiations in due course.

Negotiations on a wide range of topics from the single market access and trade deals to migration and citizen rights should conclude in two years.

Speaking soon after the date was announced during her ongoing tour of Wales, the British Prime Minister said she would work towards getting a "good free trade deal" from the EU.

Furthermore, Juncker told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag that the European Union would not be "intimidated" by the threats from Britain that it is willing to walk away from Brexit talks if it doesn't get their way. The Scotland head of state is demanding a second referendum on Scottish independence before the terms of Brexit are signed.

"The legislation required for Brexit will leave little parliamentary time for anything else", Hannah White, IFG's director of research, said in a release.

"It has failed to provide clarity about its intentions and it has been reckless about the costs of leaving without securing a deal".