Bomb scare at White House, one detained

Posted March 20, 2017

He was reportedly seen in the Pennsylvania Avenue area as early as 6pm, nearly six hours before he was arrested. The agency said it was still investigating and had put additional security posts, technology enhancements and new response protocols into place. We spend billions of dollars to secure it, ' said Dan Bongino.

The man jumped over the bike rack on Pennsylvania Avenue at a little before 1 p.m.

Mr Chaffetz said the suspect also "may have attempted entry into the building".

Because of the ongoing investigation, the spokesperson said early Sunday, no further details would be provided.

The Secret Service said Rawlinson was "standing behind the security barrier in an unauthorised area, yelling nonsensical statements", the report said.

Two Secret Service agents arrested the man after two minutes and took him in for questioning.

When asked how he managed to get here, Tran replied: 'I jumped the fence, ' authorities said.

So it looks like the Secret Service was just being precautions and all is well. He called the intruder a "troubled person". He was not found to be carrying any weapons, according to an official.

The Secret Service statement confirmed that Tran was on the grounds for 17 minutes.

Donald Trump wa snot at the White House on Saturday, when the intruder tried to get in.

On Saturday, an unidentified person was arrested for jumping over a bike rack near the White House, according to CNN. While the 29-year-old was being apprehended, he reportedly told the officer that the threat was "a test".

Bongino once guarded former USA presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush.