Aaron Hernandez 'Fired 5 Shots' In 2012 Double Murder

Posted March 20, 2017

A severely compromised witness who's the only person besides Aaron Hernandez who knows what happened inside a Toyota 4Runner in the South End five years ago could take the stand against his former friend this week.

Bradley took the stand and first spoke about the events leading up to the shooting. Bradley received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony at this trial.

Alexander Bradley was with Hernandez on the night of the slayings.

At the club, a man with braids bumped into Hernandez, spilling a few drops of his drink on the former National Football League star. Bradley then said the two drove to a house belonging to the mother of his daughter, where Hernandez pointed out the shooting on the news.

Hernandez also faces witness intimidation charges for allegedly shooting Bradley in the face in 2013.

Bradley said Hernandez used a racial epithet and said, "What's up now?" before firing.

Following the murder, Bradley said Hernandez was extremely paranoid of everything and everyone. In fact, Haggan said, "He was never going to tell a soul" about the murders until Hernandez, 27, thought undercover cops had followed them to Miami seven months later and Bradley told him, "It's probably because of the (expletive) up stuff you did in Boston". He said he drove as Hernandez told him to catch up to a BMW in which Abreu and Furtado were in.

"Mr. Hernandez got mad".

Bradley testified that they spotted the victims in the BMW after Hernandez said something like "there they go." and so Bradley gave pursuit in the SUV. From the passenger seat Hernandez leaned across Bradley, stuck his arm with the gun out the window and yelled "Yo!" to the BMW, according to Bradley.

Instead, he said, Hernandez told him to roll down the window, shouted at the men, and fired five shots. Hernandez then allegedly pushed Bradley back on his chest before leaning over the driver's seat. He recalled the two panicking, driving around aimlessly toward the highway before Hernandez entered a Global Positioning System location on his phone. They left for another bar, where Bradley said Hernandez was irritated because they believed they were followed.

"I remember him saying, 'Don't tell anybody, '" Bradley said.

He claimed he thought that, at most, Hernandez would just intimidate the men. Bradley says Hernandez took the revolver he had placed in the auto earlier in the night. After he encouraged Hernandez to leave, Bradley says the two walked around the Theater District, "walking and smoking [marijuana] and talking".

Later that night, Bradley rode home from the bar with Hernandez and other passengers, and they got into a heated argument, he testified.

Bradley said Hernandez's cousin, Tanya Singleton, came to the house-and claimed Hernandez told her to take care of the auto.

Hernandez shot Bradley between the eyes and then pulled him out of the vehicle and left him to die, Bradley testified.