Wisconsin Assembly to vote on approving marijuana extract

Posted March 19, 2017

Nonetheless, the federal government has not been interfering with state laws when it comes to marijuana for the last couple of years so the hopes are that this will continue on into the Trump administration.

Walker has signaled he will likely sign the bill into law.

The bill, and other bills passed Tuesday, received largely bipartisan support.

The Senate also passed a bill that would force guards at Wisconsin's troubled Lincoln Hills youth prison to report child abuse. The probe, now headed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, began two years ago and is focused on prisoner abuse, child neglect, excessive use of pepper spray and other potential crimes.

"The office no longer serves a objective", said Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, who authored the proposal.

The plan passed the state Assembly by a vote of 83 to 13.

The proposal passed 18-15, with GOP Sens. Two Republican senators voted against the idea - Chris Kapenga and Sheila Harsdorf.

The state treasurer has been stripped of most duties over recent decades, but opponents have struggled to eliminate the job outright because it requires changing the state constitution.

Democrats said it would eliminate independent oversight of state finances and give Walker's administration greater control of the state public lands board, on which the treasurer now serves.

The bill permits CBD only after the FDA approves it. Currently, when a CCW holder renews their license before it expires, it becomes valid for five years from the date of issuance, rather than the expiration date of the license being renewed. The bill now goes to the Assembly.

After passing the Wisconsin state Senate, the Assembly unanimously voted 98-0 to legalize the possession of a medical marijuana extract oil.

State Representative Thomas Holmes voted in favor of the bill.

The Legislature passed a similar bill in 2014, but it didn't go far enough to make the oil accessible.

But for many families, this bill is coming too late, Krug said. Under normal circumstances, the oil won't make users high because it's extremely low in THC. Republican Rep. Scott King, who sponsored the CBD oil bill, said its passage was exciting but bittersweet.

"Just like that, a patient can be delivered this devastating news that there is nothing else out there", he said.