Trump proposes $9.2B cut to US Department of Education

Posted March 19, 2017

Under the Trump budget, pollution cleanup efforts and energy efficiency measures would be shoved to the side.

The Trump administration introduced a budget proposal today that would significantly slash the budgets of several federal agencies while increasing spending on defense, security and veterans.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, one of the budget's biggest targets, would suffer a cut of $2.8 billion or almost a third of its $8.1 billion current budget-much higher than previous estimates of 25 percent-including a $100 million cut for climate programs.

Overall, the State Department's budget would shrink from $52.8 billion to $37.6 billion. That $100 million will help fund a $54 billion bump for the military.

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney suggested that the budget plan was crafted in part by examining excerpts from Trump's speeches and media interviews.

There's another complication: Thanks to the landmark 2007 Supreme Court decision, MA vs. EPA, the EPAis obligated by law to come up with a way to regulate greenhouse gasses from vehicles, power plants, and other sources.

"That's a message that our adversaries and our allies alike should take", the top White House official said as the Democratic lawmakers and foreign policy experts slammed the Trump administration for a drastic 28 per cent reduction in the foreign aid budget, which mostly is routed through the State Department. The Environmental Protection Agency, for example, saw a 31 per cent proposed decrease in funding and the State Department a 29 per cent cut.

It's important to understand what this "skinny budget" is not: an actual accounting of how the government will spend taxpayers' money.

"Morning Joe" asked Mulvaney on Thursday what he would say to teachers who will have some of their training programs cut; or low-income families who rely on money for after-school programs.

It seeks $25.6 billion in base funding for the two agencies, which is $10.1 billion less than they received in fiscal year 2017. As a result, there will be cuts at the Smithsonian Institution and the National Gallery of Art.

Trump's budget proposal includes increases in spending on defense and homeland security as well as a down payment for construction of a wall on the southern border. "Keep in mind, the President is in a unique position".

The county's budget also includes $3.6 million from the federal Home Investment Partnerships Program - another program that would be cut under Trump's proposal.

Trump also aims to eliminate over 50 EPA programs with the Energy Star program, which aims to improve energy efficiency, and save consumers' money; discontinue funding for global climate change programs; cut funding for the Office of Research and Development in half; and also cut funding for the Superfund cleanup program and the Office of Enforcement and Compliance. All climate change programs to which the US had committed at the United Nations would be cut.