Trump billboard with Nazi symbols stirs controversy in Arizona

Posted March 19, 2017

This is second controversial art she has posted.

Unlike any other Trump billboards people are used to seeing during his election campaign of 2016, the Phoenix billboard illustrates a menacing photo of Donald Trump, wearing a Russian flag pin on his collar, surrounded by mushroom clouds and "swastika dollar" signs.

The Trump billboard went up Friday at 11th Avenue and Grand, to coincide with the start of the annual three-day Art Detour event in downtown Phoenix.

In 2004, she created a billboard with President George W. Bush and senior government officials.

"Something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship where things were going in a certain direction", said Fiorito. The sign said "Dear America...we lied to you for your own good". Moore said it would remain up as long as Trump is president. She said she has also been called a "very, very sick person".

The billboard was designed by Karen Fiorito. Unless a painting depicts the prophet Muhammad, it is rare that it is controversial enough to provoke death threats, but Trump supporters apparently disliked Fiorito's representation of Trump so much they have threatened the life of the artist who painted the Arizona billboard.