Rolling Stones pay tribute to Chuck Berry

Posted March 19, 2017

The legendary singer-guitarist is a founding father of rock & roll music, with his indelible riffing and licks forming a foundation on which virtually everyone who came after would follow.

"RIP #ChuckBerry, the genesis behind the great sound of rock n roll".

Berry had a never give up performing attitude but he hadn't recorded in a long time. He was regarded as having defined rock and roll by melding blues, country and jazz elements into some of the most iconic songs of the 20th century.

He posted: "I am so sad to hear about Chuck Berry passing - a big inspiration!".

Brian Wilson said, "He will be missed by everyone who loves Rock 'n Roll".

Even Berry's mishaps seemed influential. "Rest In Peace Chuck Berry".

Ronnie Wood said the guitarist's death marked the "end of an era", tweeting: "He was one of the best and my inspiration, a true character indeed". "I wanted to sing like Nat Cole, with lyrics like Louis Jordan with the swing of Bennie Goodman with Charlie Christian on guitar, playing Carl Hogan's riffs, with the soul of Muddy Waters". None of us would have been here without you. Our thoughts are with the Berry family.

Music industry titans have reacted with sorrow at the death of Berry, who influenced stars from Elvis Presley to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

There would be no Rolling Stones, without Chuck Berry.

Blues fans worldwide have been paying their respect to legend Chuck Berry - and this is how he'll be best remembered in Cumbria.

"Chuck Berry. Maybe the most important figure in all of rock and roll".

Of the new songs, which were recorded in the music legend's hometown of St. Louis, his son Charles added, "What an honour to be part of this new music". In an appearance on The Tonight Show in 1987, Berry said he originally wanted to play the more traditional musical styles. "What a great life in music". Over the next few years, Berry's songs became rock & roll mainstays; "Sweet Little Sixteen", "Hail!" Today, we celebrate his poetry, his artistry and his massive contributions to 20th century culture. "Hail Hail, Chuck Berry". He was undisputedly the king. We all walk down the path you paved for us.

Berry had announced plans on his 90th birthday last October to record and release his first album in 38 years, titled Chuck.