Galaxy S8 Could Use Facial Recognition to Authorize Mobile Payments

Posted March 19, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly come in matte Black finish. And it'll be going up against the new iPhone due later in 2017 - the 10th anniversary of the iconic device.

Like we all know that the Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 later this month.

The leaked picture shows a redesigned Galaxy phone with habitual wrap-around screen of the Galaxy S7 edge but without physical buttons.

The handset is depicted horizontally in the image, with slim portions of the bezels of the device visible at the top and bottom extremities of the smartphone, and it is from this that one can confirm that the bezels are indeed extremely slim. Samsung declined to comment. When stationary for a period of time, the phone could check whether the user is still using the phone and unlock if a recognized face isn't present.

Samsung has also tweaked the design of the Home Button, Multi-Tasking and Back button - ditching the square, circle and triangle used by nearly every other Android manufacturer. Here take a note that the Iris and facial detection capabilities complement each other: phones can rely on iris detection when there's not enough ambient light to recognize facial features. Apparently, a new cloned Galaxy S8 smartphone, which is made in China, has been released, which features a design nearly similar to the original S8 and costs only $100.

Slow-Mo video recording: now this particularly quirky feature of this flagship smartphone would find many takers, as Samsung is set to roll out the Motion Eye technology by Sony that enables the user to capture Super Slow-mo videos at a 960Fps standard.

The Bloomberg report additionally says one other Galaxy S8 detail that we have heard some time recently. However, that was developed largely in-house and the first version of the software won't borrow much from Viv Labs Inc., the USA -based artificial-intelligence software company acquired by Samsung in October.

Tipster Ice Universe got hold of a poster image for the Galaxy S8 claiming that it is arriving in the market in April. Moreover there are runorus that Samsung will be launching the Galaxy X foldable phone in September 2017.

Samsung is widely believed to be revealing the phone to the public on March 28 at a special Unpacked event in NY.