Few warm greetings from Florida for Donald Trump's budget

Posted March 19, 2017

The county's budget also includes $3.6 million from the federal Home Investment Partnerships Program - another program that would be cut under Trump's proposal. It's part of the block grants that we give to the states.

Under the proposed blueprint, the administration would boost spending on the Department of Veterans Affairs by 6 percent.

The budget would slash funding for Health and Human Services by 18% to $69 billion.

If you do scientific research or artistic work with federal government funding, the Trump administration thinks you should be looking elsewhere.

Fifteen major government departments would see their funding cut, and 19 agencies would be completely eliminated under the proposed budget released by the White House on Thursday.

The budget starts with the ludicrous, politicised lie that former US-president Barack Obama has slashed military spending, reducing U.S. forces to risky levels. The CPR provides funding for NPR, PBS and more than 1,000 affiliated stations and has always been a target of Republican ire. "Every corner of the Federal budget is scrutinized, every program tested, every penny of taxpayer money watched over". His budget, which also cuts funding for a good number of other domestic programs and to the United Nations and World Bank, implies additional job losses.

Homeland Security requested $66.8 billion in 2017. DOD will receive $639 billion under the proposal, a $52 billion increase.

Trump wants $1.5 billion for the infamous border wall this fiscal year - to initiate the project - with $2.6 billion requested for the 2018 fiscal year, which begins October 1.

Fewer funds means fewer people, too.

Almost 30 percent in cuts to the State Department includes a slashing of foreign aid - money the USA uses to help other countries economically.

EPA enforcement was also reduced by $129 million, and another $347 million was cleaved from the elimination of 50 agency programs, including environmental programs like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the Chesapeake Bay Program and other regional programs.

To put in perspective the sacrifice of so many functional, low-dollar domestic programs on the altar of more war spending, consider this: An internal Pentagon study estimates that the military wastes $125 billion per year on unnecessary bureaucracy.

Trump's $1.1 trillion budget plan, showcasing his administration's priorities, is just the first volley in what will likely be an intense battle over spending in coming months.

Sherri McIntyre, the city's director of public works, said Kansas City would most likely look to the program again as a source of funding for the possible expansion of the street auto, something that has been discussed.

"This is a hard-power budget". "Must make safety its number one priority". This program provides health care for people with HIV who are uninsured.

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