Donald Trump: 'I'm 100 Percent Behind' Obamacare Replacement Plan

Posted March 19, 2017

Chuck Schumer of NY, said the report should be a "knockout blow" to the effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

The Republican health care plan also includes tax credits, anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000.

The new Republican health care legislation in Congress could cost IL $40 billion dollars in federal funding over the next decade.

"This is a big deal".

Federal subsidies, however, reduced the premiums for more than eight in 10 people who bought policies on the Obamacare exchanges.

The Congressional Budget Office said that older Americans' cost of health insurance would dramatically rise under the Republican plan.

IL stands to lose an estimated $40 billion in federal money over the next decade under the Republican health care proposal being considered in Congress, experts told state lawmakers Thursday. Some of that savings would come from cuts to Medicaid, a federal-state program that covers the poor, elderly and disabled.

Republicans remain deeply divided over their US healthcare overhaul, which is Trump's first major legislative initiative and aims to fulfill his campaign pledge to repeal and replace the healthcare program of his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama. That was instrumental in Colorado's uninsured rate dropping by half by covering adults without children who make less than $16,000 a year.

Several other Republican senators, such as Rand Paul of Kentucky and Tom Cotton of Arkansas, have criticized the AHCA vigorously enough to imply they'd vote against it also. Conservatives want to freeze the expansion at the end of this year, a proposal Dent labeled a "non-starter" for moderates. The Republican plan overlooks regional cost variations. "So as long as those questions continue to be asked, then the debate about whether everyone - regardless of income, regardless of age, gender - is entitled to health care is going to continue". Hundreds of billions of dollars from the ACA now funding hospitals will stop.

Cynics (imagine that in Washington), apparently, want Obamacare to collapse so that they can blame Democrats. "It's a dead healthcare plan", he said.

"Last legislative session there were cuts to pediatric therapies for kids with disabilities enrolled in Medicaid", she says.

And President Trump says "We're going to arbitrate, we're going to all get together, [and] we're going to get something done". First and foremost, Obamacare meant to decrease the number of uninsured people in the United States from around 15% of the population, or about 45 million people, to a much smaller number. "We have a population that's growing in this state and we don't have an appetite for increasing taxes, quite frankly". That might be a political victor for Republicans, but it risks leaving millions of people, especially the poor, in a gap between Medicaid and other health benefits and whatever comes next.

Medicaid Block Grants and Per-Capita Caps: The federal government gives states a set amount of money to pay for coverage for Medicaid recipients. The rising cost of premiums and co-pays far outpaced inflation.

It could go to a vote by the Republican-dominated House on Thursday, setting up another battle in the Senate, which also has a Republican majority.