Super Mario Run landing on Google Play Store March 23rd

Posted March 18, 2017

On iOS platforms, the game was downloaded millions of times when it launched last December but sadly gamers dropped off after the initial excitement was over.

You will be able to download and enjoy a portion of Super Mario Run for free and can also enjoy all of the game content available after paying a set purchase price.

Super Mario Run will be available via the Google Play store starting March 23rd, and will include the latest, updated features that the iOS version will receive via its 2.0 update.

He's been running and jumping all over iOS for a few months now, but Mario's finally made a decision to stick the landing on Android.

You can also pre-register for the game on the Google Play store to ensure that you get it as soon as it's available. Let us know in the comment section below.

If you have played the classic version, you are going to love the reboot and how old elements with new game play have been meshed together. It will be interesting to see how Android owners react to the game. The game reminisces the Super Mario Bros wherein an Italian plumber sprints to find the Princess Peach and collects coins, leapfrogs obstacles, and kills creatures in that quest.