Oakland Raiders' Derek Carr helps 49ers fan who ran out of gas

Posted March 18, 2017

Derek Carr, one of the best young QBs in the National Football League, recently helped a stranded motorist.

The 25-year-old Raiders quarterback on Tuesday was driving in Dublin, Calif., a Bay Area suburb, when he noticed a man whose auto was pulled to the side of the road.

Before Reeser got out of the vehicle, they prayed together and exchanged information to stay in touch.

Reeser, dumbfounded, went speechless in disbelief of his situation and that someone of Carr's background was so humble.

"Not only was that experience surreal, I will always remember that for the rest of my life", Reeser said via social media.

"I ask him what he does and he says I play football and is heavily into God and wants to become a pastor someday when he retires", Reeser continued. We pull up to the gas station I fill up the can, hop back in his truck and I ask him what position he plays. "So I ask him what his favorite team is and he replies, 'Well I'm a little biased cause I play for the Raiders.'I pause for a second and say no sh*t, what's your name?' 'Derek Carr'".

Carr, by the way, will be in Modesto on March 24 for his "Chalk Talk" with fans at the Modesto Centre Place. "He replied 'Can I pray for you?' He placed his right hand on my left shoulder and we said a prayer together..." He said hop in I'll take you.

On Tuesday, Ron Reeser, a DJ and music producer, ran out of gasoline in Dublin. That's when Carr pulled up and asked him if everything was OK.

Reeser said. The good Samaritan was casually dressed with a nice ride. I had no idea. In addition to being a good quarterback, Carr also seems to be a sincerely nice person.

After the two men exchanged contact information and a prayer, Reeser admitted Carr may have changed his fan allegiance.

As in, MVP candidate Derek Carr. Oakland police credited the 25-year-old for helping find a missing child in January.