Ford Mustang, F-150 To Gain Improved Pedestrian Detection

Posted March 18, 2017

But fret not, the automaker's technology keeps improving and the updated pedestrian detection system is now able - for the first time - to see in the dark and will constantly be helping the drivers detect pedestrians at night.

The 2018 F-150 pickup will also be upgraded to the same pedestrian-detection capability as the Mustang.

Building on Ford's existing pre-collision system technology, this latest iteration of pedestrian detection continues to use a windshield-mounted camera and radar located near the bumper to scan the road ahead for potential impact threats. If the processor determines that a collision with a pedestrian could occur, it first alerts the driver with sound and visual signals.

"We know some drivers find hitting the road at night a stressful experience", said Gregor Allexi, active safety engineer at Ford of Europe.

To test it out, the development team threw life-sized dummies onto the path of vehicles on closed tracks and on public roads in Paris and Amsterdam.

The camera delivers more than 30 snapshots every second and the video live-feed and viewing angle enables the system to pick out pedestrians, even in low-light conditions, illuminated only by the headlights. According to Ford, one in five road fatalities in 2014 involved a pedestrian; and of those, almost half were struck by vehicles after dark. "Day and night, Pedestrian Detection is created to help identify people already in - or about to step into - the road ahead". If one is detected, the driver is warned with sounds and visual alerts and if it doesn't brake, the auto does it for them. The system will be introduced in the next-generation Ford Fiesta in Europe later this year.