Ferrari 812 Superfast breaks cover ahead of Geneva world debut

Posted March 18, 2017

Shoehorned into the front of the F12 successor is the most powerful petrol engine ever installed into a production Ferrari - with the exception of the hybrid LaFerrari. The 812's V12 engine is the latest incarnation of the classic engine design Ferrari started with 70 years ago.

Yes, the engine appears to be very rev happy, but it also produces 80 percent of its torque from just 3,500 rpm. Other notable areas of the auto includes the first ever Ferrari inclusion of a sport EPS (Electric Power Steering) mode which is slated to work in unison with the car's electronic vehicle dynamics system. It's the first Ferrari to use electric power steering.

By the looks of it, the new Ferrari 812 Superfast is something that looks nothing but gorgeous.

The 6.5-litre V12 engine produced 789 horsepower, some 60 more than its predecessor, the F12. To achieve these figures, Ferrari adopted a direct injection system and variable geometry intake tracts to deliver fuel at an astonishing 5,076 psi. Mated to this engine is an improved seven-speed dual-clutch automatic box that has been created to provide quicker shifts than ever before and to aid in impeccable throttle response.

Aside from the high-revving V12, the 812 Superfast also gets several handling upgrades. According to the designers, the two-box design with a high tail is "reminiscent of the glorious 1969 365 GTB4", with the flanks visually shortening the tail of the vehicle considerably.

The Superfast offers an updated version of the four-wheel-steer "Virtual Short Wheelbase" system originally offered in the F12tdf, along with a fresh take on Ferrari's Side Slip Control suite of traction and stability systems. The Full LED headlights are also new items here, as are the heat extractors beside them, omitting the need for the central extractor as seen on the F12's hood.

The new model has opted for a cleaner, more rounded front grille, while the rear diffuser is now body coloured, rather than black on the tdf.

The name sums the auto up, with it being "super" and most definitely "fast", in fact the "super" Ferrari we have came across.

Ferrari said the 812 Superfast will be released in a new Rosso Settanta paint to commemorate the company's 70th anniversary.

The interior looks like most typical Ferraris; it consists of premium leather, sophisticated metals, vibrant red accents and the signature yellow Ferrari prancing horse insignia on the steering wheel.

There are fewer changes in the cabin, which is home to a new steering wheel, instrument clusters and driver controls.