'Full Repeal Would Cover More People Than ObamaCare-Lite'

Posted March 15, 2017

In the October 10, 2016 call, from right after the Access Hollywood tape of Trump was leaked in the weeks leading up to the election, Ryan does not specify that he will never defend Trump on just the Access Hollywood tape-he says clearly he is done with Trump altogether.

Another Trump-ally, Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, wrote online that Trump should instead focus on a proposal that expands Medicaid and Medicare, rather than the AHCA. Someone better do a welfare check on Speaker Ryan. "He was able because he had a lot of leverage, to structure the position in a way where he could do the things he wanted to do and have other members do the things he didn't want to do".

Ever since House Speaker Paul Ryan presented his replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare, Breitbart has been after him and his plan, posting content with headlines such as "ObamaCare 2.0", "RINO-Care" and "a perverse economic system". As we reported earlier, much of Obamacare was created by President Obama's HHS via the rule making process and can be undone using the same process, without legislation.

"His comments are indefensible.I'm not going to try to defend them".

The conference call took place after the release of the "Access Hollywood" tapes in which Trump could be heard boasting to television host Billy Bush about grabbing women "by the p***y".

In the wake of a Congressional Budget Office analysis that the GOP health plan will cause 24 million Americans to lose their health coverage, 250 people from IL and Wisconsin braved a blizzard and bitter temperatures outside Speaker Paul Ryan's office here Tuesday to demand he drop his ruthless health care repeal plan. "Or was The Post hoping to make the most important election in our nation's history about private sexual braggadocio?"

This is what Paul Ryan's Republican Party does when it arrives at a policy problem that it can not solve by dimming the lights and spinning around five times while whispering, "But the free market". [This is] the first step of many. "Once you decide on your social values, you have to commit". "It's not a final bill".

RYAN: Not only did we say, someday, we're going to buy a auto.

On one side, Speaker Ryan and House leaders assert that the AHCA is a vital part of finally getting rid of Obamacare and replacing it with patient-centered healthcare.

"There were some stumbles out of the gate", the person said.

Just in case anyone missed the point, Breitbart on Monday dropped another bomb on Ryan. "CBO also finds that this legislation will provide massive tax relief, dramatically reduce the deficit, and make the most fundamental entitlement reform in more than a generation", the speaker said in a statement. "Whether they realize that or not".