Additional tombstones found damaged at Jewish cemetery

Posted March 04, 2017

A Jewish cemetery in NY was vandalized Tuesday evening, making it the third Jewish cemetery damaged in recent weeks.

A local cemetery is working to notify families and file a formal vandalism report with the state after sixteen headstones were toppled and one possibly defaced at a northwest Rochester cemetery this week.

Cemetery officials said yesterday there were at least a dozen desecrated grave markers.

The president of the Britton Road Association, the nonprofit management company that oversees the Vaad Hakotel Cemetery, also called the Stone Road Cemetery, said there's no proof the incident was either a hate crime or an anti-Semitic attack.

Cuomo on Friday said NY would have zero tolerance for hate crimes, saying State Police continue to investigate the incidents. Greece police determined the crimes were not motivated by hate.

Police are launching an investigation into the desecration of a Rochester Jewish cemetery.

"It's a very old cemetery", she said.

The Jewish Federation says it organized Thursday's rally to "restore a sense of security and peace to the community". "It's nearly just an act that's unconscionable when you're a younger person and you think about your parents, and would you like them doing that to you, I don't even think that goes through their mind".

But New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an investigation into the rise in crimes and threats against Jewish organizations in the state. That, along with the vandalism at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, a Jewish cemetery in the Wissinoming section of Philadelphia.

"I'm hoping it was maybe just some drunk kids", Mallin said.