Woman arrested for having sex with high school football players

Posted March 03, 2017

An investigation reportedly revealed Fletcher had romped with the teens in different parts of a county.

Investigators discovered that Fletcher was working with a photographer who was doing a photo shoot of the football team.

After speaking with the victims, whose exact ages have not been disclosed - District Attorney Kirk Andrus said the case was expected to be complicated because it involves youngsters.

A 42-year-old American woman is facing rape charges after allegedly having sex with three underage football players.

Fletcher was handcuffed and charged with four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and one count of dissuading a witness.

"Relationship is probably the wrong word but they're not prepared for this kind of interaction with an adult".

Andrus said an arrest could have been made at any time during the probe if officers felt they had enough probable cause.

Cops were made aware of the accusations against Fletcher late past year but only recently completed their investigation.

"There would not have been really any utility to hurrying through an investigation so we just wanted to make sure it was complete", he told local TV station, News 10.

The small town of Mount Shasta, California was shook up when the statutory rape investigation began in September 2016.

Mary Fletcher - who also goes by Debbie Fletcher, according to NBC 5 - was taken into custody on Tuesday in Siskiyou County after being accused of sexually exploiting three members of the Mount Shasta High School football team.

No school officials were involved in the alleged wrongdoing, and they immediately alerted law enforcement when they became aware of the allegations, the sheriff's office added.

Ms Fletcher is now on bail with a court date set for March 22.