Members of local Jewish community react to anti-Semitic acts

Posted March 03, 2017

United States law enforcement agencies have arrested a man suspected of being behind at least eight bomb threats against Jewish organizations in recent week, Federal authorities said.

Authorities arrested Juan Thompson in St. Louis Missouri on one count of cyberstalking, according to an Federal Bureau of Investigation press release.

The Justice Department accused Thompson of least eight emailed threats against the JCCs to harass a woman he was previously romantically involved with.

Almost a hundred bomb threats have been called to Jewish Community Centers and other Jewish institutions this year. In total, almost 100 JCCs have received bomb threats in 2017 so far.

"The FBI will collect all available facts and evidence, and will ensure this matter is investigated in a fair, thorough and impartial manner", the FBI said in a statement to The Times. The U.S. Attorney's office said the threats were made after the relationship ended, and were part of Thompson's alleged harassment of the victim he saw romantically.

Last week, several Jewish organizations around the country shut down their buildings after a series of bomb threats were called in.

Manheimer, who noted at Tuesday's council meeting that she is Jewish, made the remarks just before the City Council unanimously passed a resolution denouncing threats to people of Jewish Faith.

In one instance, according to a complaint filed in Manhattan federal court, the ADL's Manhattan office got an email that said the women "is behind the bomb threats against jews".

US President Donald Trump has said that anti-Semitic attacks and bomb threats to community centres may be carried out to "to make others - look bad", Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro told Buzzfeed.

Mercer Island police said employees at the JCC made the decision to evacuate.

Thompson made news a year ago when he was sacked by the online magazine The Intercept for a variety of ethical breaches including using fabricated quotes.

Dean Heller of Nevada wrote a letter requesting a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing about the high number of bomb threats aimed at religious community centers across the country.