President Trump to Call for Increase in Military Spending

Posted March 01, 2017

The White House circulated a preview of the president's remarks in which he is expected to outline his priorities for the country.

The White House does not rule out that the attorney-general, Jeff Sessions, may recuse himself from Justice Department investigations into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump campaigned on a promise to increase the Pentagon's budget and reverse the Obama administration's alleged "hollowing out" of the military. "We must make sure it is well spent, but it is less than 1% of budget & critical to our national security".

Speaking to USA governors at the White House, Trump said, "We must ensure that our courageous servicemen and women have the tools they need to deter war and when called upon to fight in our name, only do one thing, win". The government must learn to tighten its belt, something families all across the country have had to learn to do, unfortunately.

Though Trump claimed in this interview to have "great respect" for the press, reporters and the journalism profession, on President's Day he tweeted that he saw the media as "the enemy of the American people".

The Trump administration will send its budget proposal to federal departments on Monday in what reports indicate will have dramatic cuts to non-military operations.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, speaking on Fox News on Sunday, said Mr Trump's budget would not seek cuts in federal social programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

But despite having confidence in the plan, Trump wondered if it wouldn't be better to take a more political route to healthcare replacement.

Trump says he will not attend the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner, a high-profile event that draws celebrities, politicians and journalists.

He added, "As most of you know, the Obamacare has had tremendous problems". We're talking real people here.

GOV. TERRY MCAULIFFE, D-Va.: At this point, we have not been provided any information that we want, other than we want everybody to have health care, we want to make accessible and affordable to all. The devil is in the details.

In addition to an increase in defense spending, the President's budget will heavily lean on requests for infrastructure spending and a boost in federal law enforcement resources.

He has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border, deport unauthorised immigrants and wipe extremists off the "face of the earth". Because at the same time, the president wanted to not impact the deficit negatively.

"We have real doubts that can be done without substantially weakening the ability of EPA to respond to environmental problems and to carry out its core functions that are all established in law", Coequy told Bloomberg.

JOHN YANG: That's right.