Clinton campaign chair: Trump is using autocratic tactics to confuse public

Posted February 19, 2017

After mentioning Acosta twice during his opening remarks, Trump veered into his campaign promises and, of course, his campaign competitor, Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine - seriously - can you imagine if I received the questions? "Nobody mentions that Hillary received the questions to the debates". We had Hillary Clinton try and do a reset. Now tomorrow, you'll say 'Donald Trump wants to get along with Russian Federation, this is bad.' It's not awful; it's good. It's this thing called nuclear weapons. In fact, those Clinton Foundation donations spiked just as the deal for Russia's Rosatom to secure Uranium One was being finalized.

He continued, "I didn't do anything for Russian Federation". Russian Federation was to take over this company as part of the deal, and what the Times does make clear is that Clinton was a part of the reason the 20 percent of the United States' uranium capacity became Russia's and she did receive money from Uranium One during the time Russian Federation was making the company its own.

Essentially, there wasn't a transaction in which Clinton literally handed over twenty percent of the country's uranium and simultaneously Putin literally handed over millions of dollars in exchange. Hillary Clinton did a reset, remember, with the stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks?

Trump was talking about an incident from March 6, 2009, nearly eight full years ago, when then-secretary of state Clinton gave Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a gift of a plastic button meant to symbolize a reset between the US and Russia. "I would have been the headline on every newspaper", Trump said. "Does anybody in this room really believe that?" He said bad things about her. It made Russia's atomic energy agency one of the world's largest uranium producers and brought Russian President Vladimir Putin "closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain".

"What's happening here is more than the simple continuation of Trump's well-documented tendency as a candidate to lie flagrantly and refuse to back down", he wrote.

There were those who pointed out Trump focused more on his former foe during his press conference than he did on outlining his own administration's policy agenda - which will be an important part in determining his own party's success at the ballot box in the 2018 midterm elections.

The article was posted online hours after Mr. Trump blasted the media at a White House press conference for dishonesty and "fake news".