Nintendo Switch eShop Purchases Will Be Tied To Your Nintendo Account

Posted February 18, 2017

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, which is just a few weeks away, so it won't be long before we know a lot more specifics about the console. This will permit players to download all obtained content on any Switch console for the length of the record that is connected to the console.

The almost 3-minute long video on Vidme apparently shows the initial setup process for the Switch, its main menu and settings. The first time it's booted up, the user must select a language, time/date and an image for their account.

Hiphoptherobot said he considered selling the console to pay for the cost of some home repairs, but was afraid of getting himself and the store that accidentally shipped the device early in trouble with Nintendo.

The last big piece of the package is the Switch TV adapter.

A small portable screen can be removed from the main hub and connected to the device's modular Joy-Con controllers to create a mobile, handheld gaming device.

As per another report by Game Revolution, GameStop has also lined up its own bundle for Nintendo Switch.

The rumor stems from a recent interview Koizumi had with French publication Melty, he teased that the company was working on something along the lines of having GameCube titles play on the Nintendo Switch.

However, pre-order offers for Nintendo Switch are now also available with various potential retailers and manufacturers as well.

Now this doesn't confirm the Nintendo Switch will have Gamecube Virtual Console, and this is a case of me thinking out loud. Other options include controller configurations, photo mode, system settings and a power button.

The recipient stuck a picture of the Switch up on forum NeoGaf and after he was accused of fakery, he later uploaded a video demonstrating how the top secret console would work.