CIA director denies withholding intelligence from Trump

Posted February 18, 2017

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence denied the accusations in a statement Wednesday night. "It is CIA's mission to provide the President with the best intelligence possible and to explain the basis for that intelligence". Feinberg is the co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm.

Mark Lowenthal, a former senior intelligence official, said that the characterization of the leaks as partisan politics makes him anxious about the fate of the nation.

He said Feinberg was a "very talented man, very successful man" who has offered his services to the administration. No need to know stuff if you're the president, right?

Though presidents are never given the full details of how intelligence communities operate, the paper's source indicated that there were concerns that Trump could not be trusted.

The DNI is the director of national intelligence. His view? While Flynn's failure to report his discussions with Russian Federation to the White House was an egregious lapse of judgment, the larger story is that someone in USA intelligence had recorded those telephone conversations - the ones between Flynn and Russia's ambassador - and then released that information to the press.

"Any suggestion that the US intelligence community is withholding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the president and his national security team is not true", the Office of Director of National Intelligence said in a statement to the Journal. They already are anxious about politicization of the intelligence product and fear this could be a way to hinder their ability to provide information that might contradict the White House's political views, the official said. Hayden said in an interview that the proposed White House review of the 17 intelligence agencies could be an unsettling development for Coats.

Trump isn't trustworthy, the officials reportedly said, because his inner circle is too cozy with the Russian government.

Officials told TheWSJ the withheld information was not crucial information about national security threats, and was in some cases regarding the sources and methods of the information.

The report "impugns the integrity of thousands of professional intelligence officers by peddling gossip without citing a single example to support its claims", Pompeo said.