The new generation ten dollar note has been unveiled by the RBA

Posted February 17, 2017

Not just a pretty face - the new $10 note is smarter and safer too.

Australia will introduce a brand new ten dollar (7.5 United States dollar) bank note in September, in what will be the second in a series of new notes featuring tactile "raised dots" to help the vision-impaired.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has unveiled the design of the new $10 note, which features similar graphics to the new $5 note released last September that received a mixed reception from the public.

The new note was revealed by the Reserve Bank on Friday.

Poets AB "Banjo" Paterson and Dame Mary Gilmore will remain the note's key icons: Paterson's side will include a cockatoo and a wattle branch that glow under UV light.

Each new banknote will proudly feature a different species of native wattle and bird, with the new and improved $10 note hosting the Bramble Wattle and the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.

Although the new $10 banknotes will be issued in September, it may take some time for them to be widely circulated.

Full details of the design and security features on the new $10 banknote are available on the RBA's website.

The new notes contain a range of updated security features meant to deter fraud, including the see-through patch and several holographic elements that can be seen by moving the note slowly from side to side.

There's believed to be about 120 million $10 notes already in circulation.