NFL Rumor Central: Romo expects to be released, not traded

Posted February 17, 2017

Tony Romo is a great quarterback who has done great things for the Dallas Cowboys throughout his storied 14-year career, but does that make him a good option for the Buffalo Bills?

No NFL team is biting on a trade for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo will turn 37 in April, but still thinks he has some juice left in him to quarterback a team through a couple more seasons. The Cowboys are clearly moving on from the veteran quarterback after a strong season from rookie QB Dak Prescott. Most thought it was a foregone conclusion that Romo would be traded - likely to Denver - but it appears Dallas feels it might not get much in return.

The Cowboys would save $5.1 million against the cap if they released him straight up, dropping his cap hit from $24.7 million to $19.6 million.

Romo is looking for a Super Bowl and so are the Houston Texans.

This was part of a six-year, $108 million extension he signed back in the spring of 2013. He's an excellent talent, but he's played five games in the last two seasons due to injuries and getting Wally Pipped. They are better off without Romo and it's time for both sides to move on from each other.

This development frees the Texans and Romo to make the improbable flawless match that can propel both of them forward.

Furthermore, as Ben Rogers of the "Ben and Skin Show" and Fish have said, Romo is still weighing lucrative offers to be the next former Cowboys quarterback on television. According to Sports News World, there are three possible destinations for Romo. If they can't get something done and they want to do right by him, so to speak, a release would make sense. The Texans are now set at quarterback if Romo gets hurt, with Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage under contract for 2017.