If you can't beat him join him; Lindsay Lohan now supports Trump

Posted February 17, 2017

During a Facebook Live interview with Daily Mail, the Mean Girls star discussed the billionaire real estate mogul taking over the oval office.

Asked if she would like to meet with Trump, the actress said, "Yeah, I think, just [to] broaden his ideas. because he hasn't been there, just to see it, and [to] show America in the right light [that] helping the refugees [is] a positive thing".

Actress Lindsay Lohan who is now studying Quran and Islamic ideologies, was scared to return back to U.S. due to her changed personal believes.

Even though Lohan wants the American people to support Donald Trump, she did mention that she was apprehensive about returning to the country given her religious beliefs. "He is the president-we have to join him".

Lohan said, "You have to join him".

Lohan said she was anxious returning to the United States because of the current political climate since Mr Trump's travel ban on people in Muslim-majority countries.

Lohan also admitted to the outlet that she hasn't converted to Islam, but didn't completely rule it out. "I think we all need to unite like that".

And while Lindsay defended the controversial politician, the A-lister revealed the current political climate in our country made her "scared" to come home - but not because she's a Muslim.

"It's a process to convert to anything". "A lot of different religions and spiritualties appeal to me". "I respect all religions.it's a attractive religion and i am a very spiritual person.it's something I've been studying", Lohan said.

This story originally appeared in Fox News and is republished here with permission.