HYS: Who was Arsenal's worst player vs. Bayern Munich?

Posted February 17, 2017

"If I said March, April, it is because I didn't know". What's important for us is to focus on the next game and let everybody else judge and criticise.

Formally the Chile national manager (with whom superstar Alexis Sanchez played for), now with Spanish side Sevilla, Sampaoli is widely regarded as one of the best managers not currently with a "big" club.

"If you asked if I would have loved to keep Koscielny on the pitch, I would say yes". I speak to the board but I don't want to speak about how they view my future. Especially on the second goal we were really badly done because it was a corner for us and we had five players in the box and there are two balls on the pitch and they start the game and we conceded the goal.

Arsenal are third in the English Premier League, 10 points behind leaders Chelsea, while Bayern are seven clear in Germany's top flight. Now we have to bounce back, that is what life is about.

"It is not good news for us because it is important to have the best in the country".

"Normally, we are always present at this stage of the competition, we have enough experience to know what we have to do", said Robben.

"I'd have loved to have kept Laurent on the pitch and it's hard to measure the impact, but the fact is we have to cope with the result". I do not look for excuses.

When you are the coach in a great team, you are under-pressure in every moment.

However, all of the sides above Arsenal have high-profile and very capable managers already in place and anything else would be a step down, so this option appears very unlikely.

There would certainly be many clubs in Ligue 1 interested in acquiring Wenger's services, but few that would genuinely represent an advance on Arsenal in terms of ambition.

The Chilean needs a pay hike and assurances about the club's ability to challenge on all fronts effectively which may not be possible now.

"It will be him that makes the decision and that realisation that the change needs to come is more apparent than ever now". I think that chapter is closed.

Arsenal fan Clive Morris said: "The experts said you couldn't just stand still and hope to catch up with Barcelona that way, and that Francis Coquelin would never be compared to Sergio Busquets, but we proved them wrong last night".

ARSENAL'S 5-1 thrashing to Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena was not Arsene Wenger's first pummelling. "If everything is not ideal, not everything is wrong".